Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 8.42.16 PMI have taught a variety of college composition and writing courses at two universities. At the University of Michigan I teach first-year composition, upper-level argumentation, and professional writing—all of which are housed in the English Department Writing Program. My first-year composition courses take a writing about writing approach with major writing assignments focused on personal narrative and researched academic arguments, process writing, reflection, and multimodal composing in blogging and video formats. My upper-level argumentation courses adopt an interdisciplinary theme, understanding and making arguments about food, and draw undergraduate student writers from relevant academic programs across the disciplines. Major writing assignments take on contemporary food issues and include an argument from definition, annotated bibliography, researched academic argument, course blog, and multimodal video remediation. Finally, my professional writing courses take a rhetorical genre analysis approach in order to support students in analysis and composition of genres relevant to their chosen disciplines and professional fields. Major assignments in this course include rhetorical analyses of two professional genres of writing, an analysis and revision of students’ online presence, and a collaborative workplace writing project. Prior to teaching at University of Michigan, I taught six sections of required first-year composition at Salisbury University focusing on personal narrative, researched academic arguments, and reflective writing. Course websites, PDF versions of selected course syllabi, and examples of student work* are available on the individual pages for each course and can be accessed using the links in the drop down menu above. Feel free to make use of these materials in your own teaching or to contact me with questions at aschia@umich.edu. I’m always happy to talk pedagogy 🙂


*All student work shared with students’ written consent