3 thoughts on “Multimodal Digital Composing and Constructing Identity

  1. Sweet post. Two ?s.
    1) to what degree do you think some of these digital platforms promote both the confusion & the separation of our personal & professional lives? Were they separate before?
    2) well this isn’t really a question. Just know you’ll get pushback on having personal content “out there” from other academics. Maybe less on the humanities side, but even then. .. it’s an odd space to navigate.

  2. Yeah, Liz, I’ve been doing a lot of reading (as you know) about whether or not these platforms are public spaces, and I really think the potential is built-in to each platform for individual users to decide how they’re going to shape that space for themselves. So, I guess I’m less concerned with broad categories of public/professional vs. private and more concerned with conscientious shaping and use of those spaces for each users’ individual needs and preferences.
    Also I realize they’ll be pushback. I think that’s the point I was hoping to come to in the post is that I’m purposefully refusing to be “only academic” and hoping to broaden what counts as fodder for academic content, and I realize now that I’ve been doing that throughout my experiences in higher ed, not just in my recent attempts to compose multimodally/digitally/online. Thanks for reading 🙂

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