Aubrey HeadshotI am a Teaching Assistant Professor in the University Writing Program at University of Denver. I teach required first-year writing courses including WRIT 1122: Rhetoric and Academic Writing and WRIT 1133: Writing and Research. My first-year writing courses take a variety of themes including Writing About Writing, Writing About Food, and Writing About Fandom and Fan Cultures. I also teach a course about Social Class and College Culture in the DU First-Year Seminar Program and a class in Writing and Digital Media in the DU Minor in Writing Practices. My research focuses on two distinct topics: 1) first-generation college students’ literacy experiences in college and 2) pedagogical approaches to multimodal composition, blogging, and digital media.

I recently earned my Doctorate in English and Education at University of Michigan. My doctoral work culminated in my dissertation project—a qualitative interview study designed to examine potential connections between the literacies working class first-generation college students practice in first-year writing courses and the literacies they practice outside of first-year writing. I also served as a research assistant for the Writing Development Study sponsored by the Sweetland Center for Writing, and I have worked on a committee to collaboratively write policy briefs for the National Council of Teachers of English. I taught several writing courses in the English Department Writing Program at University of Michigan including first-year writing, upper-level academic argumentation, and professional writing—all of which incorporated online and multimodal composition in order to better support student writers in a digital age. Prior to my work at University of Michigan, I taught first-year writing at Salisbury University in Maryland where I also completed a Master’s degree in Composition, Language and Rhetoric.